ARDC in 2021. Schedule and engine rules

The American Race Drivers Club is looking forward to an exciting 2021 season of Wingless Midget racing with an 8 to 9 race schedule. Visits to Big Diamond and Lincoln are already scheduled, other tracks to be announced soon and will most likely include the recently announced Bloomsburg Fair Speedway.

“We are still firming up the dates with the tracks.” Said Shannon Mausteller, ARDC President. “ We are excited to hopefully return to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds and to make up for missed races in 2020.”

Rule Changes

ARDC will also implement a set of engine rules using production passenger car engines to align with the Badger Midget Racing Association and other Midget racing organizations. The engine change will be effective immediately, but will allow current purpose-built engines (Gaerte, Fontana, etc.) to compete for a 3 year transition period.

“The cost of these OEM based engines will make midget racing more affordable and enable others to experience just how much fun midget racing really is.” said Mausteller.

The rules allow all production car engines, with a maximum displacement of 2.4 liters. Engines must be four cylinder, inline and have no more than four valves per cylinder. All engines will have OEM blocks, cylinder heads and crankshafts. Engines currently in use by other organizations are Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and Mazda.

Currently these engines are being built by many engine builders as well as competitors building their own. Below is a short list of builders with engines in use by Badger Midget Racing Association:

REV Motorsports (

MWR Technology (,

Mark Ray ( and

Level 5 Motorsports,Rick Kippley 608-345-8209.

The ARDC rule book already has these rules in place. A full schedule will be released as soon as possible.