ARDC Engine Rules

Engine Rules to be locked in for 2014-2016 season

 I.            Pushrod Type Engines

a.      Four cylinder in-line, two valves per cylinder, water cooled, utilizing an aluminum block and/or head.  Maximum 166 CID (2721 cc).
b.     Four cylinder in-line, two valves per cylinder, water cooled, IRON BLOCK AND HEAD with intake and exhaust ports on the same side of the head.  Maximum 184 CID (3016 cc).
·  Same as (b.) except utilizing a “cross-flow” cylinder head. Maximum 174 CID (2852 cc). 
·  Same as (b.) except using an Aluminum Block and an approved non-cross flow aluminum “Fontana” cylinder head.  Maximum 174 CID (2852 cc).
c.      Four cylinders horizontally opposed; two valves per cylinder.  Intake and exhaust valves must be in-line and on the same axis.  Maximum 174 CID (2852 cc).
d.     Maximum of six cylinders, V-type, (maximum 90 degrees), two valves per cylinder, water cooled, iron block and head.  Maximum 174 CID (2852 cc).
·  Same as (d.) except utilizing Aluminum Block and/or headMaximum 168 CID (2852 cc).**
II.            Single Overhead Camshaft Type Engines
a.      Four cylinders in-line, aluminum block and head, “Pinto” engine. Alteration of the basic design of the head or block is prohibited. Maximum of 106mm bore spacing, Maximum 161 CID (2639 cc).
b.     Maximum of six cylinders in-line or V-type (maximum 90 degrees), water cooled two valves per cylinder.  Maximum 146 CID (2393 cc).
c.       Four cylinders horizontally opposed, rocker arm actuated four valves per cylinder, water cooled engine.  Maximum 122 CID (2000 cc).
III.            Double Overhead Camshaft Type Engines
a.      Four cylinder in-line, water cooled, maximum of four valves per cylinder.  Maximum 143 CID (2344 cc).
·  The stock production “Cosworth Vega” four cylinders, in-line, four valves per cylinder, utilizing the stock production block and head.  Alteration of the basic design of the head or block is prohibited.  Maximum 127 CID (2082 cc).
IV.            Complete engines and/or major components must be available in a reasonably sufficient supply to all competitors at comparative prices.
  V.            All engines must be normally aspirated, internal combustion, four cycle, reciprocating piston type, incorporating a maximum of six cylinders.  Only one spark plug per cylinder will be allowed.
VI.            Camshaft timing must be fixed.  Any device used to alter camshaft timing during engine operation is prohibited.  Severe penalties will be issued to the entrant and engine builder if such devices are found.
VII.            The preceding engine sized is maximum permitted.  No clean up allowed.
   ** 168ci for 2 years for the pushrod engines, then revisit
 Other changes for 2014 season – handicap and line-ups
1)     Lineups (weekly pill-draw system)
a.      No handicap points.
b.      No black points for missing races.
c.      No penalties for winning the previous event.
d.      Heat Race Lineup
                                i.     Each Driver must draw a pill to determine their starting positions and Heat Race
                               ii.     Pill must be drawn by the end of the driver’s meeting
                              iii.     Failure to draw on-time will result in starting at the tail of the Heat Race.
e.      Feature Lineup
                                i.     At the conclusion of the Heat Races, a spectator will draw a pill from another bag to determine the invert for the feature lineup.
                               ii.     The basis of the invert will be the finishing order of the heat races.
                              iii.     The invert will determine how many positions will be inverted in the feature line-up – 0 for a heads up start, 8, 10, 12 or TBD.
f.       Rookie Lineup
                                i.     Rookies will continue to start at the rear of the field for a minimum of three races determined by the club officials.
                               ii.     Rookies will draw a pill to determine what heat race they will be in but that is all.
2)     There will be NO hot pit at any races.
3)     No fuel stops
4)     The engine rules are locked for a 3 year period (2014 through 2016).
5)     There will be a designated time for the drivers’ meeting that will be announced in the days prior to the scheduled event – failure to make the drivers meeting will forfeit the driver’s pill draw.

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