ARDC at New Egypt Speedway (04/30/2022)

American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) Midgets……..Brian Carber of Pipersville, PA won last Saturday night’s 20-lap ARDC Midget race at New Egypt Speedway. Heat Winners were Kenney Johnson and Jeff Champagne, both cars out of the Kenney Johnson Motorsports stable. With a #6 pill drawn to determine the invert it would place Carber starting outside the second row in the fourth place. At the drop of the green he would make quick work of the front row and have clear sailing until the checkers. With Carber clearly out front, the Kenney Johnson team cars would fight amongst themselves for the second spot with Kenney winning that battle over Jeff Champagne. The action was exciting throughout the field on a smooth slick track provided by New Egypt Speedway.

Next up, the ARDC Midgets will compete at the historic Bedford Speedway, in Bedford PA on Friday May 20th alongside the Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, and USAC East Coast Sprints with all cars being topless.

Heat Winners: Kenney Johnson, Jeff Champagne

Feature Line up: 1.) Mark Sokol 2.) Trevor Dunn 3.) Michael Markey 4.) Brian Carber 5.) Kenney Johnson 6.) Jeff Champagne 7.) Randy Mausteller 8.) JR Booth 9.) Shawn Jackson 10.) Zach Curtis 11) Mike Bissinger 12) Steve Buckwalter

Feature Finish: 1.) Brian Carber 2.) Kenney Johnson 3.) Jeff Champagne 4.) Michael Markey 5.) Mark Bittinger 6.) Trevor Dunn 7.) Zach Curtis 8.) Steve Buckwalter 9.) Mark Sokol 10.) JR Booth
DNS: Shawn Jackson, Randy Mausteller

2022 Season

The American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) Midgets are happy to announce their 2022 racing schedule. Racing starts on April 10th at BAPS Motor Speedway, then makes long-awaited returns to New Egypt Speedway, Bedford Speedway, Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Raceway, and trips to Lincoln Speedway. The season will end on October 15th at Bedford Speedway. Each race will feature a $100 Hard Charger Award sponsored by Hilltop Farm Market, Triple-T-Camp Racing (Wayne Triplett), Service Pro Auto, Gardy Enterprises and Ideal Auto Group; a Special Award pick sponsored by Blud Lubricants, Benic Enterprises, BDB Graphics, and Pancho’s Racing Products; and a $100 Highest Finishing DMA, D2, Badger, Lightning Sprint Award sponsored by Hilltop Farm Market. ARDC is looking forward to an exciting 2022 season.

ARDC would also like to announce that Gaerte and Fontana type engines will continue to be legal for competition for the foreseeable future. These engines have been found to be comparable in speed to Badger engines so this will save current midget owners the expense of having to transition engine types while providing new teams the opportunity to compete in the midget ranks with either engine type.

4/10 BAPS Motor Speedway
4/30 New Egypt Speedway
5/20 Bedford Speedway
6/2 Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Raceway
6/4 Lincoln Speedway
6/18 New Egypt Speedway
8/20 Lincoln Speedway
8/27 New Egypt Speedway
10/15 Bedford Speedway

Big Diamond June 25th Cancelled

We are no longer scheduled to race Friday June 25th at Big Diamond Speedway, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Our next scheduled race is July 17th at Lincoln Speedway.

ARDC at Big Diamond Speedway

American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) Midgets……..Shawn Jackson of Bear, DE led all 20 laps to win last Friday night’s 20-lap ARDC Midget race at Big Diamond Speedway. Jackson won using a production-based Honda powerplant. Jake Winters, driving Jimmy Glenn’s second entry, was also powered by a Honda engine and finished 4th overall. This may be a good sign that the switch in engine rules will be the resurgence ARDC needs. Heat Winners were Shawn Jackson and Jimmy Glenn. From the drop of the green in the feature it was Shawn Jackson leading the way. He would have to hold off charges from Michael Markey in his Fontana powered midget, but would come out victorious.

Next up, the ARDC Midgets will compete alongside the winged 600cc micros at the newly built Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Raceway in Bloomsburg, PA on Thursday May 27th. Prior to the race there will be a meet and greet at Marley’s Brewery and Grille from 1-3PM.

Feature Finish: 1) Shawn Jackson 2) Michael Markey 3) Jimmy Glenn 4) Jake Winters 5) Steve Craig 6) Joe Thomas 7) Shannon Mausteller 8) Randy Mausteller 9) Kenney Johnson 10) JR Booth DNF 11) Eric Heydenreich DNF 12) Zach Curtis DNS

ARDC in 2021. Schedule and engine rules

The American Race Drivers Club is looking forward to an exciting 2021 season of Wingless Midget racing with an 8 to 9 race schedule. Visits to Big Diamond and Lincoln are already scheduled, other tracks to be announced soon and will most likely include the recently announced Bloomsburg Fair Speedway.

“We are still firming up the dates with the tracks.” Said Shannon Mausteller, ARDC President. “ We are excited to hopefully return to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds and to make up for missed races in 2020.”

Rule Changes

ARDC will also implement a set of engine rules using production passenger car engines to align with the Badger Midget Racing Association and other Midget racing organizations. The engine change will be effective immediately, but will allow current purpose-built engines (Gaerte, Fontana, etc.) to compete for a 3 year transition period.

“The cost of these OEM based engines will make midget racing more affordable and enable others to experience just how much fun midget racing really is.” said Mausteller.

The rules allow all production car engines, with a maximum displacement of 2.4 liters. Engines must be four cylinder, inline and have no more than four valves per cylinder. All engines will have OEM blocks, cylinder heads and crankshafts. Engines currently in use by other organizations are Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and Mazda.

Currently these engines are being built by many engine builders as well as competitors building their own. Below is a short list of builders with engines in use by Badger Midget Racing Association:

REV Motorsports (

MWR Technology (,

Mark Ray ( and

Level 5 Motorsports,Rick Kippley 608-345-8209.

The ARDC rule book already has these rules in place. A full schedule will be released as soon as possible.